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Mendenhall Wetlands Jumbled Ice

A chaos of jumbled ice, the result of a high tide stacking large chunks of ice on top of each other, greeted me a couple of evenings ago in the Mendenhall Wetlands. It was humbling to witness how the sheer power of the tides had shuffled the ice around like a deck of cards. It reminded me of how early winter storms in Norton Sound would pile up sea ice along the coastline in Nome. Just a few hundred yards behind me, commuter traffic along the Egan Highway was very busy. I wondered if anybody in the rush hour traffic even noticed what I saw. I decided to run this images large, as in my opinion a smaller format would not have the same impact.

I would appreciate if anybody who follows would like to comment on the size of the pictures, and the fact that it involves scrolling with the cursor. Do you like it or not? Do you mind scrolling down to see all the content? Please let me know – I look forward to hearing from you!