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Mendenhall Glacier Ice Warning


Some words of caution for those who still want to explore the magical world of the Mendenhall Glacier ice caves. According to a regular lake user, “most of the water at the edge of the lake- where the shore ice meets the rock- over by the rock peninsula, is melt water coming off the peninsula in streams under the snow. The cold nights are slowing them down in the morning but they still flow 24/7. When the water hits the lake ice it pools up and saturates the snow, coming to the surface. Then it freezes again at night. But the freezing and thawing is degrading the integrity of the ice, nonetheless.There is also more water movement under the glacier at the face, snow melt coming down off the steep dark cliffs up on McGinnis, Stroller White and Bullard, which finds its way down through the glacier and comes out beneath at the face. There is some very thin ice there that is melting from the bottom up, 2 inches or less in some places. That place is now off limits as far as I’m concerned.” This means that the window of opportunity to explore the ice caves and much of the lake has definitely closed.