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Tenakee Inlet Sunset

Cold arctic air has pushed into Southeast Alaska, and we are currently experiencing unseasonably cold temperatures. This doesn’t deter Gary Hedges, Sean McKeown and I from heading up Tenakee Inlet every day in our search for deer. We are up by six and listen religiously to the weather report, sometimes several times (!), before we eat breakfast and do a few chores to get ready for the day. We usually leave the harbor before sunrise and return after sunset. Much of the day is spent scouting the beaches for deer, and sometimes we head into the old growth forest for several hours in hopes of tracking down a buck. If we hunt a deer, upon our return to the village we skin and hang it up in the meat shed before heading to the communal bathhouse to soak in the heavenly hot springs. Than it’s time for cocktail hour, dinner and we usually round up the day with a Sherlock Holmes movie. It’s a basic but very rewarding daily routine, and over the course of a week we have found a natural rhythm that is in sink with the tides, the weather, and each other.