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Mendenhall Glacier Hike

The most active calving area of the Mendenhall Glacier has created a giant cavity of blue ice on the east side of its terminus. Pretty humbling place to go for a hike…


Cruisen' - I’m sure that hiker would feel and look MUCH bigger with some kind of electronic device in his or her hand. I mean, we are, afterall, bigger than anything, right, and superpowerful?

Alan Campbell - Laurent.
your picture of MENDENHALL GLACIER HIKE taken in 2012 is spectacular. What does that site look like now? It is easy to imagine that it has changed due to glacial movement. Is there a marked trail that leads to this point? What is the elevation change from Juneau? How rugged is the trail? I will be in Juneau on August 27th, arriving on a Holand America cruse.

You are living the dream in this magical place !!!


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