2015 Antarctica Photo Expedition

I just returned from guiding another amazing three-week yacht-based expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. High winds, cold temperatures and lots of sea ice made for very challenging conditions. It definitely was an epic trip of a lifetime for all. If you are interested in joining me in 2017, please check out www.sailantarctica.com for more information. The dates are January 5 – 26, 2017.

High winds, cold weather and epic sea ice conditions made for a very challenging trip. Here, our sailing yacht inches forward through a massive wall of sea ice that extended for several miles.Our sailing yacht inches forward through a massive wall of sea ice along the Antarctic Peninsula that extended for several miles.

 Antarctica Sailing Yacht Expedition Team - Photo (c) Laurent DickUndeterred by the cold, wind and ice, us nine eclectic individuals from seven different countries explored Antarctica in a very unique and private way from the comfort of a sailing yacht. Special thanks to skipper Henk Boersma who sailed the ‘Sarah’ for the 50th time to Antarctica!


Antarctica Sailing Yacht Expedition - Photo (c) Laurent DickMy favorite view – from the top of the mast!


Gentoo penguins are among the toughest survivors in the Antarctic ecosystem.Gentoo penguins hitchhiking a ride on an ice floe.


Gentoo Penguins Antarctic Peninsula -- Photo (c) Laurent DickGentoo penguins are among the toughest survivors in the Antarctic ecosystem.


More than half of the worldMore than half of the world’s seals live in Antarctica. Here, a crabeater seal rests on an ice floe.


Crabeater Seal Antarctica - Photo (c) Laurent Dick Crabeater seals are by far the most abundant seal species in the world. The success of this species is due to its specialized predation on the abundant Antarctic krill of the Southern Ocean, for which it has uniquely adapted, sieve-like tooth structure.


Humpback Whales Antarctica -- Photo (c) Laurent DickHumpback whales arrive in Antarctica to feed during the austral summer before returning to tropical and subtropical areas to mate and give birth.


Lawrence Gould Icebreaker Antarctica - Photo (c) Laurent DickThe American icebreaker RV Lawrence M. Gould is dwarfed by a massive iceberg in Andvord Bay along the Antarctic Peninsula. It’s used by researchers from the United States’ National Science Foundation.


Antarctica Polar Swim -- Photo by Charlie FleschWe managed to do the annual Antartic polar swim on one of the rare sunny days in epic ice conditions. I got re-re-certified!


Snowshoeing Cuverville Antarctica - Photo (c) Laurent DickAntarctica never failed to remind us of our own insignificance.


Sun rise Iceberg Antarctica - Photo (c) Laurent Dick SailantarcticaClarity of light hard to find anywhere else in the world.


Sun Set Antarctica - Photo (c) Laurent Dick Sailantarctica.comAustral twilight near midnight close to the longest day along the Antarctic Peninsula.